About Us

Let us introduce ourselves and “Marry Jew”!

We are two young ladies belonging to the Jewish community of Rome and we both attended Jewish schools in this wonderful city.  At home we were lucky enough to fully experience daily the atmosphere of millenary traditions, thanks to our families who have handed them down to us from generations.

We attended in organizing Jewish events in Italy and in the rest of Europe.  Amazingly, we had the opportunity to meet so many young Jews from all over the world and we had the chance to learn so many things about their Jewish cultural life. 

In our career we worked jointly with many Italian and international Jewish associations organizing  guided tours of the Jewish Rome and events that had the purpose of getting together single Jewish people.

In our life we had the opportunity to grow up into the field of Jewish history and culture. Attending meetings, developing daily our communication skills and listen our clients was a priority. Indeed, selling wedding gounds paved the road to the opportunity for a better understanding of  individual’s needs and couple’s desires.  

Marry Jew arose from the desire to carry out an important mitzvah: to help Jewish singles to find their soulmates by proposing a 2.0 Shidduch program. Our goal is to create new couples, foster relationships among sinlges from different Jewish communities, in Italy and around the world; and to encourage them to start a new beginning together under the chuppà.

In Judaism, marriage has a great importance: it is seen as a blessing, a spiritual union of two souls, which complement each other as one body. 

G-d is a conscious, albeit silent, partner in the marriage.

The members who join the association will make use of a dedicated consultancy, in order to discover new aspects of their character, what they are looking for and what they wish to find in their future partner. 

Our members will have the opportunity to participate in Jewish activities, events, trips and conferences organized by us, in order to create pleasant, culturally relevant and fun moments.

We guarantee personally selected meetings that reflect the requests of our members.

Our work is based on respect and tolerance for others, without distinction of religious level, political opinion, sexual orientation, social belonging, geographical origin, physical or mental condition, etc.

We believe that the privacy and confidentiality of our members are very important, for this reason we will not share their data with other associations or agencies. 

Guidelines for matching singles

Each member is invited to express his/her preferences regarding the religious level of the person he/she would like to meet and his/her own religious level: if he puts the tefillin, if he prays 3 times a day, if he is Shomer Shabbat, to give some examples regarding the men. Women are asked if they are Shomeret Shabbat, if they have or intend to have a kosher home, if they will cover their hair after marriage etc. 

At the time of registration we ask also for the certificate of belonging to one of the Jewish communities and the contact reference of a rabbi. Due to Kohanim’s presence among our members, we also ask if the conversion to Judaism has been made. Other important criteria on which we rely on in order to make the appropriate matches are: age, marital status, if they have children already, or are willing to have children, ​​spoken languages and if the member is willing to relocate. 

All members of our association will be verified for security reasons. We will verify the truthfulness of the profiles of our subscribers, also through video calls.

If you think you are interested in our services, don’t hesitate to contact us and sign up.

If instead you appreciate our work, our ideals and our initiatives; support us!

Donations can be sent to our association; a small gesture for the success of our project means a lot!