Dear subscribers, as we can see the coronavirus epidemic is slow to loosen its grip, however we need and want to keep communicating with you.  Indeed, while we are waiting to be able to create amazing live events we are forced to talk to each other virtually, however this does not mean to foster social distancing, but totally the opposite!

The purpose of our association is to create interaction, exchange and fun opportunities to get to know each other. To do this we are using an app that you may already know … Zoom!

It is simple, immediate and it allows us to make video conferences where we can talk about many  different topics, such as Judaism, traditions, new  ideas and events of course.

The great thing about Zoom is: You can start a video call simply by sharing the link with the people you would like to invite to attend the event.

Anyone can take part to the video conference by using the Zoom app on smartphones or tablets; or on PC by using Zoom web version.

Really comfortable and fast!

Let’s see how it works… The first thing you have to do in order to use the Zoom platform is to download its official application, available for Android, iOS / iPadOS and computer (logo photo). If you do not feel like downloading it, you can use the online Zoom version on Chrome.

Now let’s proceed with the registration: Click on the item Subscribe located at the bottom left, indicate your date of birth and fill out the form by entering  your email address, name and last name; then press the Subscribe button. Participate in our events: Marry Jew will often use Zoom to connect with its members, to share events, to present new member, to celebrate Judaism , have fun together… and much more.

Marry Jew will be the “host”

(i.e. the user who created the video conference), to participate in the video call follow the link that it will provided to you, enter your name in the appropriate text field and tap the Continue button.

Then accept the terms and conditions of use of the platform and grant the app the necessary permissions to function properly, specifically those relating to access to the camera and microphone (if you have not already done so).

Using the buttons located at the bottom, you can close the microphone and camera. To leave a conference, however, tap the appropriate button, located at the top right, and confirm. Simple, right?

We hope that Marry Jew will continue to grow in this period, but we need your help: invite friends if they are single and you think they might be interested… forming Jewish couples is a great mitzvah and it is always a good day to make a mitzvah

In this regard we continue working, planning online and live events …. indeed using Zoom is a must these days so we look forward to seeing you at the our next conference!

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