The best decisions are made at the dinner table: the birth of a dream

Associazione Marry Jew

On a warm June evening two young ladies find themselves lowering down their masks and sipping a cold beer in a nice outdoor pizzeria.

” Who are them?” you’ll might ask.

Well, just two dreamers who decided to make their dream come true.

During the lockdown of March 2020 Sara and Benedetta, like most of their friends and collegues, were forced to abbandoned their jobs and professional lives.

More than one year ago Benedetta decided to chase her dreams, so moved away from home endind up in Brussels, where she joined a Jewish youth organization.

However before Pesah, she was forced to return to Italy.

On the other hand, Sara worked as professional tour guide, but all her booking instantly got cancelled because of the Pandemic. Indeed her first canceled tour was on February 28th, when she supposed to lead a Jewish tour for a highschool from Fiuggi, but unfortunately the government had already imposed the school trip restrictions.
Now you can imagine them sitting at the dinner table forgetting about their lives before Covid19 and talking about a sensitive issue and asking themselves “how can you meet your soulmate in modern times if you are a Jewish person?”
The “matching couple” theme has always touched them closely. Indeed, Benedetta came from a family that sells wedding gownds and she worked in Jewish events, where singles Jews met and some of them are now happily married. While, Sara organized and led Jewish heritage tours for more than one international Jewish singles group in search of their soul mate among the beauties of Rome and Italy.

So why doesn't the right partner appear on the horizon?

In the spark of a moment a stream of ideas filled up their heads, why someone should go outside the Roman community to find food for thought? Basically, in Jewish communities like the Anglo-Saxon and Israeli one, they always practiced the mitzvah of Shidduch or sensalry, but why not here in Italy?

Well, actually there was already in the community of Rome a matchmaker, so is it perhaps now the right time to go back to basics? Sara and Benedetta thought so.

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