Groundbreaking Cerimony

By now the project was ready to be launched, so we just had to choose the right moment and time to take action, but what is the best day to do the shidduch mitzvah if not Tu be Av?

Associazione Marry Jew

Of course, on the day of Love, a sort of  “Valentine’s Day” but only for Jewish people. On that day we decided to start meeting personally our  facebook group Marry Jew members, one by one, through video calls.

The virtual cerimony started silentely when The initial uncertanty of the new group member immediately disapperead and made room for enthusiasm when he started discovering a hidden part of himself.  He viewed better what he was looking for in a relationship thanks to the targeted questions that were asked to him.

Basically, as in a game of Chinese boxes all the members interviewed began to discover a lot about themselves and most important of all they felt welcomed, listened to and understood. Putting people at ease is something we do well and it is extremely important in order to carry out this great mitzvah.

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